Board to Board Arrays Edge Type Mezzanine CONNECTOR PARTS

Manufacturer's List :

Part Numbers based on Part Type 'Board to Board-Arrays Edge Type Mezzanine'

Part NoManufacturers DescriptionQtyRFQ
1-5767005-4 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
145087060930829 AVX Corporation Yes RFQ
DF12D 5 0-20DP-0 5V 8 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
71439-0364 Molex Yes RFQ
245602020000829H AVX Corporation Yes RFQ
DF37NC-30DS-0 4V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
53307-2091 Molex Yes RFQ
145087060230829 AVX Corporation Yes RFQ
550912075 Molex Yes RFQ
DF12B-36DS-0 5V 8 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
5084616-5 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
84517-101LF FCI Yes RFQ
47745-001LF FCI Yes RFQ
BM10B 0 8-10DP-0 4V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
826629-3 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
FX6A-50P-0 8SV2 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
61083-124402LF FCI Yes RFQ
20021612-00012T4LF FCI Yes RFQ
M52-040000P0545 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
DF37NB-24DS-0 4V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
AA03-S020VA1-R6000 JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
1-5179031-0 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
5-1735480-6 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
61082-063409LF FCI Yes RFQ
FX8-140P-SV Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
3-5177986-8 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
91911-31351LF FCI Yes RFQ
38-00-1345 Molex Yes RFQ
71439-0464 Molex Yes RFQ
5767007-8 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
7-215079-8 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
M22-5330405 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
5-179009-3 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
QSE-040-01-L-D-A Samtec Inc Yes RFQ
DF15B 3 2-40DP-0 65V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
90130-1214 Molex Yes RFQ
5177986-3 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
BM10B 0 8-40DP-0 4V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
5179031-8 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
DF37NB-40DS-0 4V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
2-5177986-5 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
TX24-30R-LT-N1E JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
38-00-1395 Molex Yes RFQ
DF30RB-20DP-0 4V 8 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
61082-043402LF FCI Yes RFQ
DF12 3 0-30DS-0 5V 8 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
20021612-00050T4LF FCI Yes RFQ
61082-081402LF FCI Yes RFQ
AXT410124 Panasonic Yes RFQ
87760-1616 Molex Yes RFQ
145802044002829 AVX Corporation Yes RFQ
5177985-5 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
61082-122402LF FCI Yes RFQ
53309-3291 Molex Yes RFQ
P08-040SL-A-G 3M Yes RFQ
FX12B-60S-0 4SV Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
5177986-2 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
53916-0308 Molex Yes RFQ
91911-31269LF FCI Yes RFQ
5-1735480-4 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
FX6-100S-0 8SV2 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
DF9B-15S-1V 3 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
2-5177986-6 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
D01-9922046 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
FX8-120P-SV Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
BM10B 0 6-10DP-0 4V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
M50-3005045 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
120524-1 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
10-10-1063 Molex Yes RFQ
61082-101402LF FCI Yes RFQ
55560-0207 Molex Yes RFQ
5084616-3 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
5120527-1 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
M52-5102545 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
22-03-2041 Molex Yes RFQ
53307-3091 Molex Yes RFQ
BM10NB 0 8-40DS-0 4V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
10-10-1083 Molex Yes RFQ
5146893-1 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
AXK750147G Panasonic Yes RFQ
5177985-1 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
M20-7880646 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
M22-7140742 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
5084616-6 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20021122-00010T4LF FCI Yes RFQ
61083-104402LF FCI Yes RFQ
10073037-002CLF FCI Yes RFQ
DF15B 0 8-50DS-0 65V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
DF37NB-20DS-0 4V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
91911-31421LF FCI Yes RFQ
DF12 3 0-50DP-0 5V 8 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
DF9A-51P-1V 6 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
1-5177986-6 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
DF12 5 0-60DP-0 5V 8 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
513381074 Molex Yes RFQ
1-5177986-5 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
M52-5051045 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
DF12A-30DS-0 5V 8 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
5177986-1 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
DF40C-50DP-0 4V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
71436-2864 Molex Yes RFQ
FX6-100S-0 8SV Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
5146896-1 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
5767044-1 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
91910-21111LF FCI Yes RFQ
353183-8 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
M80-8500442 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
52465-1071 Molex Yes RFQ
145802024002829 AVX Corporation Yes RFQ
DF17 3 0-80DS-0 5V 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
38-00-1334 Molex Yes RFQ
FX10A-100P 10-SV1 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
FX8-100S-SV Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
6-5179009-0 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
38-00-1335 Molex Yes RFQ
M50-3151542 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
P50L-100S-RR1-DA 3M Yes RFQ
61083-141409LF FCI Yes RFQ
61082-202402LF FCI Yes RFQ
91931-31141 FCI Yes RFQ
M80-8400545 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
DF9A-21S-1V 2 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
DF9-11S-1V 3 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
38-00-1340 Molex Yes RFQ
M52-5152545 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
91931-31141LF FCI Yes RFQ
M20-7892046 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
1-5767003-4 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
9-215570-0 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
91911-31315LF FCI Yes RFQ
M52-5050545 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
M52-5151045 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
91931-31121LF FCI Yes RFQ
M22-6033042 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
M20-7881046 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
M20-9990546 Harwin Plc Yes RFQ
DF12B 3 0-60DP-0 5V 8 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
5146894-1 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
120527-1 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
120521-1 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
91910-21109LF FCI Yes RFQ
61083-041409LF FCI Yes RFQ
38-00-1342 Molex Yes RFQ
1-5177986-3 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
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