Manufacturer's List :

Part Numbers based on Part Type 'IC Sockets'

Part NoManufacturers DescriptionQtyRFQ
20-3513-00-KC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
1-1825276-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
319-10-101-00-005000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
803-93-008-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
NP351-069-129 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
310-44-114-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
510-13-224-18-095002 Mill Max Yes RFQ
1210-0-05-21-00-00-01-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
714-43-108-31-018000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
3-822516-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
110-93-210-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
44-652000-10 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
315-43-108-41-003000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
110-41-422-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AW127-08 Z-T-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
510-13-132-14-071002 Mill Max Yes RFQ
4331-119-18 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
210-33-632-41-101000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
DVA18XP400 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
702-99-114-06-950000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AC164326 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
91510-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
PLCC-28-AG-SMT Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
813-22-006-30-004101 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AWP34-7241-T-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
14-3501-30 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
DA15-SF-M2 Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
5-1571552-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
AR18-HZL-TT-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
831-43-029-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
9032646855 Harting Yes RFQ
515-13-124-13-041001 Mill Max Yes RFQ
110-93-324-41-605000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
1-390261-5 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
AWP64-7241-T-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
IC53-0642-911 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
4935-0-15-15-24-27-40-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
1-1437535-4 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
PLCC-52-AT Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
110-99-632-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
643657-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
AS0A626-N2R6-7H Foxconn Yes RFQ
801-43-015-10-012000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
S510-93-030-09-075001 Mill Max Yes RFQ
S204-13-314-38-700700 Mill Max Yes RFQ
NP352-256-81-1 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
803-93-010-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
IC51-1444-1354 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
PLCC-32-AG-SMT Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
110-41-306-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
25-0513-11 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
ICS-306-T Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
210-93-628-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
110-44-624-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
DAF18-5 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
A-TA3237-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
28-6518-11 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
IC51-0444-798 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
A08-LC-TT-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
32-6518-11 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
803-93-020-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
IC160Z-0844-400 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
97-68340-P Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
110-41-624-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
10-6810-90C Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
813-22-018-30-003191 Mill Max Yes RFQ
1437540-3 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
IC51-2084-1052-11 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
831-43-008-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
311-44-104-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
5390447-5 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
AC164309 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
814-22-004-30-002101 Mill Max Yes RFQ
813-22-010-30-004101 Mill Max Yes RFQ
110-43-318-41-605000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
16-35W000-11-RC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
AS0A621-HARN-7H Foxconn Yes RFQ
ICM-328-1-GT-HT Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
DVA1006 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
9-1437539-6 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
NP352-484-98 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
PCMCIA-1260-9 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
10-2513-11 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
DAF30-4 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
28-650000-11-RC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
06-0518-10 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
110-13-308-41-001100 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AC163020-2 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
ICS-628-T Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
5390170-6 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
NFP-100G-0100-BF Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
12-810-90C Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
6-146257-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
7806-111-14 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
111-44-632-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
XLT80PT2 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
5195-0-00-34-00-00-33-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
3-1437537-7 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
340-44-114-30-780100 Mill Max Yes RFQ
7750-122-18-A Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
24-6518-00 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
AWP16-7241-T-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
08-350000-11-RC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
182-43-314-30-270000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
XLT28SO-1 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
110-13-422-41-001100 Mill Max Yes RFQ
NP445-064-008 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
S543-50-004-01-002480 Mill Max Yes RFQ
643644-8 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
AS0A426-N4SN-4F Foxconn Yes RFQ
AW127-06 Z-T-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
2-1437540-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
310-13-164-41-001100 Mill Max Yes RFQ
18-6823-90 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
AR22-HZW T-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
316-93-104-61-003000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
18-3513-00-KC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
ICS-328-T Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
4568-0-15-80-18-27-34-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
116-93-314-41-003000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
315-43-105-41-003000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
297-00-026-00-110200 Mill Max Yes RFQ
110-44-306-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
08-350000-11-RC-P Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
04-0518-10T Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
1571540-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
7-1437529-5 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
110-13-320-41-801100 Mill Max Yes RFQ
114-93-432-41-117000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
08-0518-10T Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
05-0513-11 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
114-43-210-41-117000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
115-44-320-41-003000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
822516-3 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
10-823-90C Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
940-44-084-24-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AC164319 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
310-44-102-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
851-44-003-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
110-43-308-41-605000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
A-CCS44-G-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
214-44-624-01-670800 Mill Max Yes RFQ
5577-0-00-15-00-00-33-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
8-1437288-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
QFN11T048-008 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
DAF18-4 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
2-1571552-4 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
334-40-120-00-000000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
10-3513-11 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
AC164310 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
PZ72226-294S-01F Foxconn Yes RFQ
SSHSM-112-D-02-H-V-LF Major League Yes RFQ
513-93-370-19-125085 Mill Max Yes RFQ
110-91-064-01-505000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
11-001 3-152FB Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
5393-0-15-80-47-27-40-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
299-43-312-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
XLT28SS-1 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
14-8240-310C Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
833-43-012-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
28-351000-11-RC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
334-10-105-00-050000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
DAF30-3 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
ICS-632-T Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
32-652000-11-RC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
7750-122-18-B Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
AW127-10 Z-T-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
IC51-0324-453 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
399-99-103-10-003000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
110-43-632-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
PLCC-28-AT Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
342-10-101-00-591000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
499-43-220-10-003000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
SPS-01T-110 JST Yes RFQ
310-43-105-41-105000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
16-1518-00-KC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
AR16-HZL 01-TT-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
AC164308 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
IC189-0542-088 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
6376118-6 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
ICM-308-1-GT Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
0316-0-15-15-34-27-10-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
0342-0-15-15-42-27-10-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
HRMJ-U FLP-ST1 4 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
IC51-0524-411-E2C0 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
S513-13-370-69-129885 Mill Max Yes RFQ
8206-0-15-15-34-14-40-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
834-43-003-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AW-127-20 Z-T-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
419-10-204-30-041000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
210-43-318-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
NFP-100G-0100-BS Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
4153-0-00-21-00-00-33-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
1612559-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
7827-2-00-15-00-00-03-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
PLCC-44-AG-SMT-EU Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
IC51-1004-395 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
16-3518-10T Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
S394-90-108-00-760000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
12-820-90C Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
316-43-164-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
322-43-113-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
410-93-210-41-105000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
0295-0-57-80-26-80-10-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
110-93-316-41-001100 Mill Max Yes RFQ
8-8620-310C Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
399-41-019-21-300000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AT08407-D2-4F Foxconn Yes RFQ
AW127-32 Z-T-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
114-43-308-41-117000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
IC51-0402-991 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
310-13-116-41-001100 Mill Max Yes RFQ
IC51-1284-844-1 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
317-93-105-41-005000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
03-0503-20 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
28-653000-11-RC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
20-3513-10 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
115-93-640-41-001100 Mill Max Yes RFQ
S204-13-316-38-700700 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AW127-02 Z-T-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
PLCC-44-AT-SMT-P Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
AR18-HZL 01-TT-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
984-13-008-47-010200 Mill Max Yes RFQ
3144-1-00-21-00-00-08-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
210-33-316-41-101000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
643655-8 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
12-3513-10H Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
6-1437532-8 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
316-43-101-41-003000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
110-93-324-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
210-43-320-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
18-8950-610C Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
1107741-E Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
310-44-140-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
594-99-020-01-007032 Mill Max Yes RFQ
CF2A-50-SG-R Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
IC120-0444-106 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
PLCC-44-AT-SMT Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
20-3501-30WR Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
0058-0-00-80-00-00-33-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
IC120-0444-206 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
856-10-005-30-051000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
HGN-337-3-F-160 Power Dynamics Yes RFQ
833-43-008-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
335-10-104-00-160000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
24-3513-00-KC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
XLT44PT3 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
410-43-210-41-105000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
MST-G Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
801-93-008-30-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AR16-HGL-TT-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
310-44-125-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
68-PGM11033-10 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
310-93-132-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
801-43-030-10-002000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
316-93-106-41-007000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
540-90-004-01-002480 Mill Max Yes RFQ
IC51-1204-1497 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
AC164320 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
317-43-116-41-005000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AR40-HZL 01-TT-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
9393-0-15-01-47-01-10-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
50462-8 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
940-44-068-17-400000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
16-354000-11-RC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
4-1447168-7 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
40-8845-310C Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
NP351-048-155-2 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
AC164328 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
88-PGM13041-10 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
IC149-176-166-B5 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
1-822473-3 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
A0465-113-18 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
1747890-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
IC149-080-030-B5 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
S310-13-108-38-010700 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AR16-HZL-TT-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
301-93-164-32-536000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
IC51-0804-819-1 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
S-196-00-308-00-230000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
40-0518-10T Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
S410-13-210-38-010700 Mill Max Yes RFQ
PLCC-84-AT-SMT Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
IC51-0484-806 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
32-6518-10T Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
IC120-0324-109 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
803-44-010-20-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
8806-0-18-80-47-27-40-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
SIMS22-8-28-1-2-F-LF Major League Yes RFQ
AR06-HZL-TT-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
68-505-110-P Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
XLT64PT5 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
315-43-105-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
3-822516-3 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
28-6570-10 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
PLCC-44-AT Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
399-40-139-10-009000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
14-3513-00-KC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
110-99-314-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
SMSS-544-D-06-H Major League Yes RFQ
311-93-104-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
410-13-264-41-001100-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
822475-3 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
EBC12DRTN Sullins Yes RFQ
AS0A626-N2S6-7H Foxconn Yes RFQ
3-1437531-8 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
08-3518-00 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
7-1437539-6 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
16-350000-11-RC-P Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
16-35W000-11-RC-P Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
28-652000-11-RC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
811-22-004-30-007101 Mill Max Yes RFQ
310-43-104-40-023000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
PE136627-4371-01F Foxconn Yes RFQ
0948-0-15-99-75-14-26-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
18-351000-11-RC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
0291-0-15-01-16-14-10-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
08-3513-10 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
315-43-109-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
05-001 3-152FB Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
16-3513-00-KC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
DVA18PQ440 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
A-CCS44-Z-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
IC51-0444-467 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
32-652000-10-P Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
24-6552-11 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
1-766109-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
AR28-HZL 7 07-TT-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
IC51-0324-354 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
110-91-624-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
006208010106001 AVX Corporation Yes RFQ
2-1932393-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
114-93-318-41-117000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
AC164323 Microchip Technology Yes RFQ
24-3513-00 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
1825046-3 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
9016-0-15-01-07-01-10-0 Mill Max Yes RFQ
1106396-08 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
197-00-051-00-190200 Mill Max Yes RFQ
3-1437530-5 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
310-44-120-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
803-93-018-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
803-93-014-20-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
4-1437515-9 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
36-6554-10 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
853-43-006-20-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
114-43-314-41-117000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
833-43-040-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
NP352-115523A105506001 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
850-10-005-30-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
NP351-14422-1 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
24-6518-10H Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
PZ98927-3641-01F Foxconn Yes RFQ
A1871-113-18 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
A08-LC-TR-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
316-93-110-41-008000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
415-43-210-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
310-43-108-41-105000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
RZS005U-0001-0 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
AW127-20 G-T-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
14-0513-10 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
20-350000-10-P Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
30-1518-10T Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
714-43-122-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
2-640463-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
853-43-042-20-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
IC51-2404-1655-2 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
110-93-318-41-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
360-10-108-00-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
299-93-628-10-002000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
02-0518-10 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
SSHS-150-S-04-T-LF Major League Yes RFQ
IC201-0644-040 Yamaichi Electronics Yes RFQ
540-44-084-17-400000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
214-44-628-01-670799 Mill Max Yes RFQ
183-90-306-00-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
315-13-109-41-003000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
PLCC-68-AT-SMT Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
316-93-108-41-007000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
08-3513-00-KC Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
831-43-006-10-001000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
1110221 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
382437-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
2-1437537-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
68-PGM11032-10T Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
SMC-1-20-1-GT Adam Technologies Yes RFQ
AR32-HZL-TT-R Assmann WSW Yes RFQ
315-93-107-41-003000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
324-93-120-41-002000 Mill Max Yes RFQ
16-1518-00 Aries Electronics Yes RFQ
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