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Just Connectors is owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor which means that along with connector parts, the company as a whole can stock a variety of different parts and part types including electrical connector parts and parts pertaining to FCF-140-03-L-D-01-RA-SL, 48094-0001, 693010020611, 676872550, 146733-1. As we work exclusively with top tier manufacturers, we take great pride in working with companies like Samtec Inc, Molex, Wurth Electronics, TE Connectivity-Amp, Hirose Connector. Give us a call or send in a request for quote and a representative will contact you in as little as 15 minutes. See how quickly we can supply you with electrical and electronic connectors.

Manufacturer's List :

Part Numbers based on Part Type 'Memory-PC Cards-Connectors'

Part NoManufacturers DescriptionQtyRFQ
FCF-140-03-L-D-01-RA-SL Samtec Inc Yes RFQ
48094-0001 Molex Yes RFQ
693010020611 Wurth Electronics Yes RFQ
676872550 Molex Yes RFQ
146733-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
693010030601 Wurth Electronics Yes RFQ
DM3CS-SF Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
84654-820CALF FCI Yes RFQ
5953438-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
693120015011 Wurth Electronics Yes RFQ
1747606-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
146046-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
5120615-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
146832-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
61150-200CH FCI Yes RFQ
N7E50-Q516RB-50-WF 3M Yes RFQ
5558666-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
101-00313-68 Amphenol Canada Yes RFQ
101-00140-64 Amphenol Canada Yes RFQ
IC11S-BD-PNEJL 7 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
N7E50-Q516TC-40 3M Yes RFQ
N7E50-N516TH-50 3M Yes RFQ
N7E50-7516VU-20-WF 3M Yes RFQ
61124-840CALF FCI Yes RFQ
61126-002CAHLF FCI Yes RFQ
74423-050LF FCI Yes RFQ
7434L0425S01LF FCI Yes RFQ
475532001 Molex Yes RFQ
5146028-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
55150-1605 Molex Yes RFQ
146768-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
5031820853 Molex Yes RFQ
SG6S009V1A1R400 JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
IC1BA-68RD-1 27SH Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
7334L2622F05001LF FCI Yes RFQ
101-00205-64 Amphenol Canada Yes RFQ
XB2A-1112-3KTD Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div Yes RFQ
PX20-SSR15K-C2 JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
570355000 Molex Yes RFQ
CCM03-3529LFT-R132 CK Components Yes RFQ
693120035011 Wurth Electronics Yes RFQ
IC11S-BUR-PNEJR Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
N7E50-F516VY-30 3M Yes RFQ
101-00306-82 Amphenol Canada Yes RFQ
92856-540LF FCI Yes RFQ
JC26C2-FSR16E JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
5145323-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
494481411 Molex Yes RFQ
45036006100862 AVX Corporation Yes RFQ
7111S1015X01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1775204-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
C702-10M008-9072 Amphenol Tuchel Yes RFQ
N7E50-D516VU-30-WF 3M Yes RFQ
921010014 Molex Yes RFQ
679558001 Molex Yes RFQ
1759074-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
92150-002LF FCI Yes RFQ
N7E50-R516TH-50-WF 3M Yes RFQ
146767-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
C702-10M008-7012 Amphenol Tuchel Yes RFQ
PX20-FSR15N-A2 JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
676872050 Molex Yes RFQ
IC11SA-BD-PNEJL Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
693010010601 Wurth Electronics Yes RFQ
52318-700CASLF FCI Yes RFQ
145638109211862 AVX Corporation Yes RFQ
CCM05-5501LFT-R901 CK Components Yes RFQ
538565070 Molex Yes RFQ
N7E50-M516TH-50 3M Yes RFQ
71257-0000 FCI Yes RFQ
315025068305871 AVX Corporation Yes RFQ
475350001 Molex Yes RFQ
84648-000LF FCI Yes RFQ
473092851 Molex Yes RFQ
693061010911 Wurth Electronics Yes RFQ
CCM03-3518 CK Components Yes RFQ
CCM02-1NO-35ROHS-T20 CK Components Yes RFQ
693071010811 Wurth Electronics Yes RFQ
IC11S-BUR-EJL Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
693120025011 Wurth Electronics Yes RFQ
61127-5522 FCI Yes RFQ
61125-155CALF FCI Yes RFQ
CCM04-1317LFT-R701 CK Components Yes RFQ
53856-5070 Molex Yes RFQ
IC1H-68RD-1 27SH Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
CCM05-5773 CK Components Yes RFQ
DM3AT-SF-PEJ Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
7312P0235A13 FCI Yes RFQ
MCH-068TAN-03E-TR30 3M Yes RFQ
315027068130871 Other Yes RFQ
892640000 Molex Yes RFQ
5953131-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
5146228-4 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
N7E50-7516PG-20-WF 3M Yes RFQ
CCM04-5427LFT-R901 CK Components Yes RFQ
7434L0425F01 FCI Yes RFQ
N7E50-7516 3M Yes RFQ
5146733-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
ST10S008V4AR1800 JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
1734909-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
474810001 Molex Yes RFQ
315027068130871 AVX Corporation Yes RFQ
5535653-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
52581-130CAH FCI Yes RFQ
61126-100FAHLF FCI Yes RFQ
132001-0300 ITT Cannon Yes RFQ
1-1734448-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
146021-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
145738009783862 AVX Corporation Yes RFQ
EMF-140-01-L-D Samtec Inc Yes RFQ
942080011 Molex Yes RFQ
95620-040CA FCI Yes RFQ
693072010801 Wurth Electronics Yes RFQ
5535655-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
CCM01-2251 CK Components Yes RFQ
475531001 Molex Yes RFQ
N7E50-Q516TC-50 3M Yes RFQ
N7E50-R516RA-50 3M Yes RFQ
550210001 Molex Yes RFQ
2908-05WB-MG 3M Yes RFQ
84648-040HLF FCI Yes RFQ
146070-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
7832C0435X01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1734451-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
47202-0002 Molex Yes RFQ
693063010911 Wurth Electronics Yes RFQ
CCM01-6201LFT-T30 CK Components Yes RFQ
JC26C2-FSL16E JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
498-0090 Digi International Yes RFQ
CCM03-3754 CK Components Yes RFQ
IC11S-BD-PNEJL Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
CB1C-10S-1 5H-EJR 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
N7E50-R516RA-50-WF 3M Yes RFQ
670870001 Molex Yes RFQ
476030001 Molex Yes RFQ
JC26E-DSLE JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
CCM04-4251LFT-R102 CK Components Yes RFQ
5953398-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
MCR102A-22R-1 27SF Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
1775059-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
146027-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
N7E50-Q516TH-40 3M Yes RFQ
98055-545 FCI Yes RFQ
71249-5543 FCI Yes RFQ
788643-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
N7E50-A516PG-20-WF 3M Yes RFQ
ST1W008S4GR300 JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
ST5S014V4AR800 JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
SF50S006V4CR1500 JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
PX10-BSB16-R800 JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
055036006223862 Other Yes RFQ
472738001 Molex Yes RFQ
5-5558556-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
1734448-2 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
N7E50-R516RB-50 3M Yes RFQ
IC1BA-68RD-1 27SH 5 Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
IC1G-68PD-1 27DS-EJ Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
IC11-BD-EJL Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
SF50S006V4AR1500 JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
ID2M-8S-2 54DS Hirose Connector Yes RFQ
N7E50-Q516RB-50 3M Yes RFQ
146839-4 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
N7E50-M516TH-50-WF 3M Yes RFQ
5535653-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
CCM04-1317 CK Components Yes RFQ
693063020911 Wurth Electronics Yes RFQ
500901-0801 Molex Yes RFQ
94898-045LF FCI Yes RFQ
1734909-1 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
JC26C2-FSNE JAE Electronics Yes RFQ
55022-0001 Molex Yes RFQ
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