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Just Connectors is owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor which means that along with connector parts, the company as a whole can stock a variety of different parts and part types including electrical connector parts and parts pertaining to 20020130-D041A01LF, 1581330000, 20020110-G041A01LF, 284510-6, 20020011-G021B01LF. As we work exclusively with top tier manufacturers, we take great pride in working with companies like FCI, Weidmuller, Tyco Electronics, Molex, TE Connectivity-Amp. Give us a call or send in a request for quote and a representative will contact you in as little as 15 minutes. See how quickly we can supply you with electrical and electronic connectors.

Manufacturer's List :

Part Numbers based on Part Type 'Terminal Blocks-Headers Plugs and Sockets'

Part NoManufacturers DescriptionQtyRFQ
20020130-D041A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1581330000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020110-G041A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
284510-6 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020011-G021B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1513860000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
1-282830-0 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020107-D091A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1605110000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020036-C041B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020010-D031B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1795010000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
284065-6 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020012-G101B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020008-D091B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020007-H061B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020110-H031A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020004-D031B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020007-H021B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
284040-4 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
1-796866-0 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020002-H061B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020008-H061B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
284040-6 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020009-G041B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1748010000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020004-D081B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1599170000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020621-M041A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1-284516-2 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020110-D091A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
796635-6 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020038-G081B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020106-H031A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020004-D051B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1-284513-0 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
39860-0504 Molex Yes RFQ
1748260000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020131-G101A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020006-H021B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1607540000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020008-D021B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020009-H061B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
796867-8 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020111-H031A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020009-H021B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1776402001 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020011-G041B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020036-D041B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020009-G021B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020012-D031B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1581500000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020108-G101A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020618-M041A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1643470000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
284061-5 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
1792780000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020108-G031A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020035-G081B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020012-H041B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020106-H101A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020004-D091B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020108-H101A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1353860000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020110-H091A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1635950000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020002-G031B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020007-H031B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020035-H061B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020013-H081B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1-796866-2 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
5-1437652-4 TE Connectivity-Amp Yes RFQ
20020130-G101A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1604550000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020003-G101B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1636910000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
1624370000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
1526610000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020008-G031B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
284511-5 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020002-G061B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020008-G091B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1649370000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020013-D021B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1571260000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020011-H031B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020000-D041B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1690240000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
1622250000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020006-G031B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020109-G081A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1559760000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020109-H061A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1604490000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020130-D101A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020106-G081A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020002-H101B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
284541-8 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
1599260000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
796640-5 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020003-H031B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1615700000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020010-H021B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
284041-6 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
1597390000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020002-G081B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020007-H081B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020013-D041B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020131-G041A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1690210000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020011-D031B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1796520000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020107-G061A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1604510000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
1716440000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020110-D041A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1628480000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020011-G081B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020012-H061B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020003-G031B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1716400000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020038-H081B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
284065-5 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
282830-8 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
282830-3 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020012-H101B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020010-G041B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1795350000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
1546931-2 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020130-D081A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1-1776263-2 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
20020013-G021B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
20020130-H041A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1-284541-0 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
1639280000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
1716450000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020106-G021A01LF FCI Yes RFQ
1560960000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
1605170000 Weidmuller Yes RFQ
20020006-G021B01LF FCI Yes RFQ
284516-8 Tyco Electronics Yes RFQ
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