Based in the United Kingdom, LEMO will be involved in the Broadcast Video Expo 2017 where it will be launching its newly range of rotatable right-angled connectors, ANGLISSIMO.

This collection of push pull connectors is now offering users the ability to design exit angles for cables during installation. This will help minimizing costs for the system via a more simplified assembly, where it is required to consolidate all connector variants.

LEMO will also be showing its most recent range of media converter products including HD SMPTE to fiber duplex converter, SERBAL which is a four channel multiplexer that converts HD / SDI to SMPTE/ not only this, but there would also be a SHACK and a MULTI-SHACK which is a multiway remotely powered version of SHACK, and MEERKAT which is also a converter to SMPTE from HD TRIAX.

Not only this, but LEMO will also be presenting a synopsis of its newly launched design for expanded cable assembly and manufacturing capabilities.

This service will make it more convenient for end applications located in harsh conditions where the tiniest signal degradation would be strictly prohibited. This would include the complex cable assembly design which necessitates an ultimately precise termination of an immense array of wire types and cables fiber optics.

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The new compact Nano-Fit Power Connectors by Molex offer fully isolated headers in a 2.50 mm Pitch. Molex claims they are the smallest fully isolated terminal power connectors on the market—up to 69% smaller than competitive products. Fully protect your terminal headers and gain terminal position assurance with the new Molex connectors.

Those in power application often come to the dilemma of deciding between exposed power terminals that risk damage to connectors or large, isolated headers that take up valuable space. Molex compact Nano-fit power connectors offer space saving and isolation in a single product design. It’s always important to consider the trade-off between isolated headers and shrouded pin field contacts when designing circuit boards.  Shrouded pin fields can save space but have the tendency of shorting and will need replacement over time. Isolated headers give the user security with increased protection as well as 4 points of contact. This redundancy gives secondary current paths that guarantee long term reliability and performance. The Molex Nano fit power connector compact headers will save space while also shielding any exposed terminals, giving engineers confidence in the design of their compact printed circuit boards.

The low mate force headers reduce user fatigue and an audible click give ensures terminal contact. Multiple color options give easy visual ques to users and a variety of mechanical keying options can prevent assemblers from cross mating headers. Take advantage of visual ques to save yourself time and money. There is no need to deal with the headache of counting terminal pins to make sure you are using the correct shroud. The optional terminal position assurance (TPA) feature ensures terminals are fully seated in their housing to effectively eliminate terminal blackout. These power connectors are available in through hole and surface mounted termination styles. Terminals are RoHS compliant and halogen free.

Just-Connectors is completely dedicated to integral and essential components used in electrical mechanisms. With over 5.5 million parts available, Just-Connectors can be your one stop shop for all electrical needs. Email for pricing and availability on your required part.

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Cliff Electronics have introduced a new 1U 19” rack mounting panel that was introduced to aid system builders with the integration of the range of XLR-Format Feed Through connectors. Providing a range of products such as Firewire, digital, optical and analogue, USB2 A-to-B and B-to-A ‘gender change’ sockets, HDMI A-A and 50 ohm BNC versions and high speed USB Type – C, USB3 to USB3 in all gender changing configurations - A-A, A-B and B-A, Cliff’s Feed through connectors are available in almost every capacity. The connectors are designed to fit into any industry standard 24mm diameter XLR connector panel with a new and improved design aesthetics from Cliff.

John Hall, General Manager of Cliff Electronics has cited demands for the FT connectors continue to grow daily and more and more clients are asking for support on more applications. The FT connectors are designed to allow designers fully integration of audio, video, digital/optical and networking data feeds. The connectors share the same features and dimensions whether they are metal or plastic and offers a very cost effective range of audio, data, and fiber connectors. The Cliff FT series accommodate ease of assembly for customers by being available in standard or counter sunk mounting holes and come with bezels that are color coordinate to help users easily identify the functions of the FT connectors when they are being fitted to a control panel.

Here at Just Connectors, we have a dedicated and expansive array of Cliff Electronics products. We are your one-stop shop and go destination for a simplified sourcing solution. ASAP will ensure that our consumers’ needs are addressed in the most expeditious and transparent manner all the while offering cost-effective component solutions therefore improving our your negotiation power and profit margins. All of our parts are extensively tested and enjoy our consumer-centric warranty If you are interested in a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales staff at call us at toll free at 1-714-705-4780.

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TE Connectivity announced on their website on January 3 2017, that they are releasing a new type of Hermetic Connector called the DEUTSCH 983. This DEUTSCH 983 Series has a connector extension of gauge 22 contacts. Here is a little excerpt about the application of this connector.

“Part of the EN2997 engine connector portfolio, the 983 series connectors are one of the industry’s first hermetic EN2997 connectors to offer size 22 contacts. Ideal for commercial air and military applications, the connector’s high density design allows for more electrical contacts in the same space while maintaining high performance and reliability. These hermetic receptacles complete the range of EN2997 sealed socket connectors, containing #22 contacts.”

This connector as the ability to be in extreme temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius.

TE Connectivity is a worldwide technology leader which is valued at $12 billion. They focus on many technologies that lead that focus on industrial applications, transportation, medical technology, energy, data communications, and home. There are over 75,000 employees that work for the company which included over 7,000 engineers. TE Connectivity reaches out to over 150 countries.

Here at Just Connectors, an ASAP Semiconductor owned company, we have the resources to supply a vast array of electronic products. we ensure that our customers production lines and prototype builds are always up and running effectively. We offer cost-effective aerospace and electronic component solutions by improving our customers’ negotiation power. If you are interested in getting a quote, please feel free to contact our friendly sales staff at or call us at toll free at 1-714-705-4780. We are your source to all your hard to find parts. We have sold over 100 parts and guarantee a quote back within 15 minutes.

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Alice Matthews that talks about how Pin & Sleeve Connectors from New Yorker Electronics went to increase the variety of parts that are within their Power Dynamic (PDI) line. The PDI line includes things such as inlets, receptacles, and connectors. These connectors will be made of thermoplastic housing to resist impact or abuse. Not only this, but the heavy duty connectors will also have resistance that will avoid the connector from corroding.

Key features of this connector is that is has rugged thermoplastic housing, impaction rating of IK10(20J), splash proof and water tight models, suitable for wet and outdoor conditions, and has seven hour positions. In terms of application, the connect can be used in cold stage ship containers, open markets, amusement parks, campgrounds, factories, warehouses, assembly lines, and warehouses.

Here at Just Connectors, an ASAP Semiconductor owned company, we have the resources to supply a vast array of electronic products. We provide our customers with a simplified and speedy procurement process. We ensure that our customers production lines and prototype builds are always up and running effectively. We offer cost-effective aerospace and electronic component solutions by improving our customers’ negotiation power. If you are interested in getting a quote, please feel free to contact our friendly sales staff at or call us at toll free at 1-714-705-4780. We are your source to all your hard to find parts. We have sold over 100 parts and guarantee a quote back within 15 minutes.

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On January 3rd 2017, Barney Scotts wrote an article for Electronic Specifier which talks about how GCT is launching a new type of USB which is considered a vertical micro USB that is very low profile. This vertical USB will have one of the slimmest profiles in the market at this time at a 5.20mm above PCB. This USB is also known as the USB3160.

This new type of USB will have a charging rate of 2.8A which is considered to be a full 1A more than standard products in the marketplace currently. There are similar products out there in the marketplace that are considered to be rivals of the USB3160 however those competitors often has parts that allow their USB to have a higher chance of short circuiting.

Here is what GCT’s Marketing Manager has to say about the product.

“This is testament to GCTs continued commitment in pushing the performance of new and existing technologies within its product lines. The USB3160 continues this tradition by providing our lowest profile, high-power vertical Micro USB to the market with clear advantages over the competition.”

Here at Just Connectors, an ASAP Semiconductor owned company, we have the resources to supply a vast array of electronic products. We provide our customers with a simplified and speedy procurement process. We ensure that our customers production lines and prototype builds are always up and running effectively. We offer cost-effective aerospace and electronic component solutions by improving our customers’ negotiation power. If you are interested in getting a quote, please feel free to contact our friendly sales staff, call us at toll free at (714) 705 4780.

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CamdenBoss is the number 1 Electro Mechanical partner. They operate many designs, engineering, production, sales, and customer service. They manage to deliver a range of innovation and cost effective electro mechanical component. They are well known in the industry and always strive to be the best. They are always wanting to build new products and custom products. They tend to have and offer the latest mainstream technology. They recently launched a range of waterproof connectors. As known, they are known to come up and develop that most effective and most efficient products.

This new waterproof connector is a good step to this. It includes a one-piece construction which reduces the possibility of incorrect assembly. This invention ensures easy installation process especially because they manage to establish color coded screws and terminals. This color-coded idea will make the wiring process much easier. This is a good invention that will higher their status across the globe and makes them more credible. This will higher the sales and make them more credible for other people to buy their products. This new connector includes 3 models which are a T connector, a field assembly in line connector and a 3-polar mount connector. All of these parts are waterproof which is the main and most important change. They have many different types of connectors that can be customized which makes them special. All the connectors are durable and efficient. This new waterproof idea is attracting a lot of customers which is making them produce more sale and converting the company into being more worldwide.

Just connectors is owned and operated by ASAP semiconductor. Thy are especially made to simplify and procurement. It enables many people to have many options to buy connectors and supplies from all over the world. They have over 5.5 million propriety databases customized to locate connectors based on specifics.

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TE connectivity Ltd designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor solutions for a variety of industries. Some are automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems aerospace, defense, medical, oil and gas, consumer electronics. They serve customers more than 150 countries. Their new common core plug the RJ45 products family that TE develops has recently been extended with a newer plug that can be terminated easily and quickly that saves time. This new plug can terminate the most commonly used wire variant. The connectors of these pieces offer a ruggedished design, and the new features offer an automatic wire cut-off function this means error free installation and optimal performance in the field, this leads for the excess wires around to be cut off. And at the same times the wires are still connected to the plug contacts. Ruud van den Brink, Product Manager TE Automation and Control, said:

“Due to its rugged design, including easy, error-free installation and optimal performance from the wire cut-off function, the RJ45 Cat 6A is particularly suited for demanding industrial cable applications such as control cabinets, motor/motor controls, machinery, robotics and more.”

This new plug is a good addition to their company. It will bring a lot more revenue. It will help them keep their high standard and high quality which is what they are known for. This also helps them keep up with the current technology and its modernization. TE connectivity will be a huge part to offer a major advance for field engineers. The fact that it is only one piece is good because it makes it really convenience and lessens the effort that has to be put in to building and putting it into work.

Just connector is owned and operated by ASAP semiconductor. It is a comprehensive purchasing resource for electrical connector parts. It enables individuals from around the world to search for over 5.5 million proprietary databases. It is based on customizing orders which makes it a lot more convenient for buyers especially when some resources are scarce.

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TE is known for the great leading products they produce. They are well known across the globe and are awarders for their great customer satisfaction. They are always looking for the best products that are modernized that keep up with today’s technology.  The most recent product announcement they have made is the Press Fit Staking connector. This new connector is said to “have a footprint that matches VPX daughtercard layouts for low noise, gas tight connections with low signal loss, and highly reliable performance in PCS applications” this is mainly well suited to mezzanine and parallel board to board. As usual they offer reliable quality and that is why most people want them and use them. TE connectivity is a world leader in connectivity and sensors.

This new product that they could greatly establish is especially convenient in a space saving military electronics and commercial aerospace. As mentioned above they are very reliable and that is the main reason that many people decide to purchase them. Not only are they reliable but they are also affordable for many people. the product manager of global aerospace said

“We’ve taken our time-tested compliant pin technology that is widely used in high speed VPX architecture and packaged it in a modular array to accommodate a wide range of design layouts for rugged environments”

the engineers over at TE connectors are always working hard and are working with the world’s most innovative companies. They work with them on their toughest challenges. This is important for customers to know that they are the best out there that offer a reliable product. They are one of the reason we have a smarter world. Safer, greener, and more connected.  a smarter world. Their diverse range of connectivity solutions are important elements in cars, planes, power grids, appliances, electronics, factories, and a lot more. Customers rely on them got long distance, always on, no fail applications.

Just connectors are owned and operated by ASAP semiconductor. They are a comprehensive purchasing resource for electrical connector parts. It was made to mainly simplify procurement. They are enabling buyers, engineers, and individuals to search a 5.5 million database to make the process much more efficient.

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Harting have been known for their exceptional products. They have been well known for quite a while. They have been known for their great service and modernized products. They always look for different ways to improve their products. They recently expanded their Han0Modular connector family. They decided to offer two shielded 6A data modules. This is something they have been wanting to do for a while. And the addition of this is planning to bring them a lot of revenue and addition to the great products they have. This new addition will combine Hugh mating cycle capability with operation at data rates in the Giabit Etherner range.

The main reason they decided to do this is the high growing demand for high mating cycle that everyone is seeking because this leads to high speed data which is mainly what everyone seeks and what everyone wants. People are always looking for higher speed data and are always willing to switch over to whoever has the higher speed data for an affordable amount. This is exactly what they are providing. The new developed machines will provide modules transmission up to 10,000 mating cycles, this makes sure that they are providing and ensuring long lasting and reliable performance. In addition to the high-speed data. Harting also provide high speed to the transmission of power and signals. This is crucial to them because that is what is everyone is trying to accomplish. They are trying to be one of the best in this growing industry due to its competitive side. The two new modules are the Han Megabit HMC and the Han Gigabit HMC module. Both the goal for both is to provide secure and shielded data transmission, they both require very high robustness of the interface.

Just connectors is owned and operated by ASAP semiconductor, they are a especially made to streamline and simplify procurement. it is under the Micro-Electronics Division. It enables customers to search for over 5.5 million proprietary databases that are customized to locate connectors based on their part and many other criteria.

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