The new PCI Express 4.0 spec running at 16 Gbps per lane is being supported by the 2nd generation Optical Copper (Cu) Link interconnect system for inside and outside the box. Molex’s Nano Pitch connector and cable assembly system was selected by the PCI-SIG committee and is the option for the newly developing SAS 4.0 spec 24 Gbps per lane performance storage links. Internal cable assemblies, PCB receptacle connectors, shielded external cable assemblies and port receptacle connectors are nearing the final design and business case inputs by suppliers of tooling development. Some suppliers are expected to design their connector product to be able to support the next generation of PCI Express 5.0 which is running at 32 Gbps per lane for future proofing and reduction of development costs within the next few years.

The OCuLink-1 interconnect system has been a mainstay on the market for a few years now and have been used in support of the PCI Express 3.0. The OCuLink-2 external plug connector and port receptacle connector on the other hand works as a two-piece metal to metal contact system with the receptacle having a lower height and shorter depth inside the box on the PCB. This requires the OCuLink-2 plug end weight and thermal cooling path to be outside the box and then becomes a design concern for the 4 and 8 lane active cable assemblies that are needed for the datacenter reaches.

The OCuLink-2 external cabling usage in the SAS storage systems is still somewhat unclear as the new HDminiSAS 4- and 8-lane interconnect system has evolved from the dominant and traditional miniSAS connector system. MicroQSFP is also competing for the external SAS cabling applications and the OCuLink-2 will likely be used within the rack and short rack rows in new smaller datacenters based on existing Express Fabric architecture. Lately there has been a growing trend within the industry towards the converged I/O interface systems which typically only uses one connector type for all their networked devices which includes servers, storage, memory and communication subsystems. However there exists hope and a push to use the OCuLink-2 in the new USB 3.1 and nascent 3.2 docks because the USB 3.1 Type C connectors is limited to only 2 or 3 lanes.

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Connect and Cable Assembly Supplier released an article March 30th, 2016 talking about what we need to know about the USB Type C. It was Lynnette Reese from Mouser Electronics that has given us this information.

A new type of technology has been released to the public that will declutter so many of the cords that lay around so haphazardly and disordered. This new type of technology is called the USB Type C. The USB Type C will be able to transfer up to 10 gigabits per second with a power that contains roughly about 100W.

The USB Type C connector will be so small that it can fit into smartphones yet powerful enough to handle something as powerful as a laptop. Not only this, but the USB Type C connector can also connect to many items.

There many items consist of things such as the HDMI TV, Display Port Monitor, VGA Monitor, charging and transferring data in things such as tablets, phablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices, headsets, DVD players in cars, speakers, docking stations, and data items such as flash drives and solid state drives.

The USB Type C allows for power to flow in either direction if it is a USB Type C to USB Type C connection. This also works in any plug rotation or placement.

Here’s what Raymond Yin has to say about Mouser Electronics.

“Engineers designing USB into products should be careful to clearly advertise the maximum speed to expect from their device and to include a clearly marked USB cable with their product. The Type-C connector shape alone does not indicate what the cable can channel in terms of speed or power, so consumers will need to be educated with information on buying replacement cables that work with faster USB 3.1 or powered USB-PD-compliant products.”
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Kestrel Engineering Ltd recently released a new device, known as the Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On, which can be very useful in reducing noise levels when deflating aircraft wheels. The device is meant to reduce noise levels by more than 20 A-Weighted decibels and this is a huge reduction in noise levels considering the noise emitted during wheel deflation. For example, the wheel of a Boeing 747 which has been inflated to 195 psi is deflated by removing the valve core. This can result ear shattering noise levels of up to 117 A-Weighted decibels. This levels are very unsafe and very high according to current international safety standards.

Kestrel Engineering Ltd Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On reduces this sound levels drastically and is used to remove the valve core. When used in this method the nitrogen escaping from the wheels passes through an integral silencer which reduces the maximum noise level to only about 94 A-Weighted decibels. The reduction in noise levels continues as the wheel is deflated and within a minute of using the Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On the noise level is reduced to about 86 A-Weighted decibels. In about 3.5 minutes the noise levels are further reduced to about 74 A-Weighted decibels and after 4 minutes the wheel should be fully deflated.

The Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On is pretty easy to use and is made up off a connector which is screwed firmly onto the external threads of the Schrader wheel valve. Once fully assembled a knob is then used to locate the end of the integral spindle on the valve core and when rotated it raises the core off its seat, resulting in the compressed nitrogen being released through the integral silencer.

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Researchers at Rice University are developing a carbon nanotube coating that will drastically reduce the weight of coaxial cables.

This new development could cut the weight of the cables in half. Aerospace and military users will see this as a huge weight off the users’ shoulders if the things were no longer so heavy. Despite their usefulness, one of the most common complaints about them over the years was how bulky they were.

There are four different parts types needed to make a coaxial cable: an outer conductor, a polymer jacket, an electrically insulating polymer sheath, and a conductive copper core. The new cable will instead implement a coating made out of chlorosulfonic acid and carbon nanotubes. This will take the place of the outer conductor that is made out of tin – the part that sends out the signal and protects the cable from electromagnetic interference.

The heaviest part of most coaxial cables is the braided metal conductor. If it is replaced with the lightweight nanotube, it would eliminate approximately ninety-seven percent of its mass.

Performance will not be sacrificed with the lighter cables, either. These cables have long been necessary for transmitting all sorts of information. To test out their abilities, researchers made three different prototypes with various thicknesses for the coating. The thickest one was able to handle 10,000 bending cycles without any signs of a dip in performance. The 90-Micron cable successfully met military grade standards for shielding as well.

“This is one of the few cases where you can have your cake and eat it, too,” said professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry at Rice Dr. Matteo Pasquali, “We obtained better processing and improved performance.”

With the lighter cables looking to be a viable option now, researcher will now turn their attention to improving speed of production.

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Gore Aerospace Cables recently made an announcement about the release of a new family of high speed data cables for civil aerospace use. This family of cables was developed as a response to passenger demands and advancements in modern airborne digital networks. They will be used to address the aerospace industry’s aircraft data needs which are usually made up of passenger in-flight entertainment and aircraft electronic systems.  These new cables will help reduce maintenance downtime and operating costs while delivering excellent signal integrity for high-speed data transmissions of up to 10 gigabits.

They will support standard protocols such as USB 3.1, HDMI 2.0, Ethernet Cat5e and Cat6a, etc. As stated by the Global Product Manager for Civil Aerospace, Adrian Milne

“The increasing data rates required to enable the next generation of high-speed data protocols are a real challenge for cable technology. Our thorough understanding of materials and their interaction in challenging environments combined with our proven experience in providing reliable signal integrity allow us to excel in this area."

The cables are constructed with uniquely engineered fluoropolymers, which make them durable even in the most demanding aerospace environments. They can also withstand a varying range of temperatures and their high density construction reduces their weight and diameter. This makes it easier to install them and increases their flexibility making it easier to route them.

This new family of Gore Aerospace Cables can be used in digital video systems, avionics networks, flight management systems, cabin management systems, weather radar systems, in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems, etc.

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ITT Cannon a brand of ITT Corporation recently received EN3645 certification for its composite and aluminum D38999 connectors. These connectors will be part of the Circular Series III connectors produced by ITT Cannon and are certified under MIL-DTL-38999 in the United States.

The EN3645 certification was issued after rigorous testing, site audits and data collection was performed by the Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Europe. Receiving the certification means that for the first time these ITT Cannon connectors will be available to a wide range of European airline companies as well as suppliers in the European aerospace industry.

In line with the news about the certification Vice President and General Manager of Aerospace And Defense for ITT’s Interconnect Solutions, Tom Cruz, stated that “Building on our strength in the defense market, we can now offer our D38999 Circular Series III aluminum and composite connectors to European companies focusing on commercial aviation platforms,” Cruz also went on to say that ” EN3645 certification reinforces our commitment to the global aerospace industry and opens up additional opportunities for ITT Cannon to contribute to the success of future commercial aircraft.” Aerospace and Defense Product Manager at ITT Cannon, Nicki Kreger, also stated that “Our lightweight composites in particular will support production of modern aircraft, helping enable fuel efficiency and comfort.”

Created for use in electrical systems, fuselage cable harnesses and avionics equipment, ITT Cannon’s D38999 Circular Series III composite and aluminum connectors offer a reliable relay of power signals, radio frequencies and data. They are environmentally sealed and can perform with reliability in the harsh environments common to commercial and military aircrafts

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AT&T is ready to invest $3 billion towards expanding its Iusacell network in Mexico, in hopes of providing the same mobile services they do in the United States.

Their plan is to have the network reach 40 million people by the end of this year, 75 million by 2016, and 100 million by 2018. Mexico’s current population is 122.3 million.

In addition to Grupo Iusacell, AT&T has been buying up other Mexican mobile groups, such as NHI Holdings. Their acquisition of Iusacell gives them all of their wireless properties, network assets, retail stores, and 9.2 million subscribers.

They have spent $4.4 billion building up their presence, and plan to compete with Carlos Slim’s América Móvil and Spain’s Telefonica. The two networks have 72.1 million and 22.5 million wireless subscribers, respectively.

AT&T getting their foot through the door and into Mexico will be mutually beneficial, according to AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson.

“We look forward to bringing more wireless competition to Mexico along with an improved mobile Internet experience for customers. Expanding and enhancing Iusacell’s mobile network to cover millions of additional consumers and businesses is our top priority,” Stephenson said, according to a release.

AT&T felt it was the right time to hop over the border, as they saw a weakness and an opening in the market. A note from J.P. Morgan illustrated that what they did what they felt was best for business. Analysts from J.P. Morgan released a statement to its investors: “AT&T’s interest [in Mexico] was piqued by the Mexican regulator’s declaration of América Móvil as a preponderant [dominant] telecom player and the advantages that have been given to smaller players since, as well as América Móvil’s clear willingness to cede subscribers from here to remove the preponderance label over time.”

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A cash sum of USD$190 million has been paid by TE Connectivity to acquire AdvancedCath in a deal that was announced this Wednesday.

AdvancedCath is one of the top sources of advanced catheter systems, predicting revenues of approximately USD$60 million for the upcoming year. They are leading the way with their best-in-class technologies and industry-leading experience in the lifesaving therapy field.

This acquisition is a big step for TE in the medical market, solidifying their position and allowing them to provide more complete integrated solutions to customers. It leverages TE's expertise in engineering and manufacturing with AdvancedCath's strong reputation and expertise in the healthcare and medical device market.

"The acquisition of AdvancedCath expands TE's Medical business and positions us to be a leading provider of connectivity and sensor solutions in the high-growth medical device market," said Terrence Curtin, president of TE Connectivity’s Industrial Solutions segment.

"Today's OEMs are developing innovative procedures that are minimally invasive to improve outcomes and quality of care. The combination of TE's connectivity and sensor solutions with AdvancedCath's expertise in the medical device market provides customers with an unmatched set of capabilities and technologies that enable future innovations and medical advances. We look forward to welcoming AdvancedCath's talented team to TE."

The strategic rationale of the deal is that it establishes TE's Medical business as a leading provider of highly engineered connectivity and sensor solutions for OEMs in the attractive and growing medical device market. It will also increase TE's opportunity in the interventional device outsourced manufacturing market, which is growing at 10 percent annually.

"We can now offer customers an unmatched combination of sensor, material science, electrical and biomedical technologies and a single source of manufacturing expertise for advanced medical devices," said Randall Sword, CEO of AdvancedCath. "With TE's geographic footprint, we can provide better support to our global customers as they progress through development, clinical trials and volume manufacturing."

Currently TE's Medical business designs and manufactures connectors, sensors and components for various healthcare applications. Upon the completion of the transaction, the AdvancedCath team will report in through TE's Medical business unit, which is part of TE's Industrial Solutions segment.

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Founded in 1987, Mencom Corporation is an American electrical connector manufacturer. Specializing in industrial requirements, Mencom sells custom made and off the shelf products to consumers, businesses, and Original Equipment Manufacturers alike. The company is headquartered in Oakwood, Georgia and is the North American Master Distributor for ILME rectangular connectors.

Mencom carries a wide variety of connector products to suit requirements in many different industries. Their product portfolio includes:

  • ILME Rectangular Connectors (Rectangular and Pre Wired)
  • Mini Cables and Receptacles
  • M12 – Micro DC Cables and Receptacles
  • Micro - AC Cables and Receptacles
  • M8 - Pico Cables and Receptacles
  • M23, M16 and M27 Cables and Receptacles
  • Ethernet – M12 D Coded RJ45 & switches for network communications
  • Device Net
  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • Profibus
  • M12 B Coded Cables and Receptacles
  • Panel Interface Connectors and Port Adapters for fast and secure reprogramming
  • DIN Rail Modules
  • Junction Blocks for power & signal distribution
  • DIN Solenoid Valve Connectors
  • Cable Glands
  • Multi port connector plates for multiple connections in a space limited environment
  • Conduit adapters for power distribution & signal conduits
  • A wide variety of metric, PG and NPT cable glands, fittings and adapters

Mencom Corporation has certifications under ISO 9001:2008, is RoHS compliant, and is both listed and recognized by UL.

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Founded in 1917, Souriau is the world’s leading harsh environments interconnect product producer and manufacturer. Along with Sunbank, Souriau is owned by Esterline which employs over 3,000 people with production centers and research & development sites in North America, Europe, Japan, Mexico, and India. Their high performance connectors and back shells are used in all industries such as Aviation, Space, Energy, Transportation, and General Industry. Military and Defense also use Souriau’s connectors for applications in Military Airframing, Rotorcraft, Radars, Ground Army, Missiles, Weapons, and Military Marine. Souriau’s product profile contains over 500,000 parts.

Their connector product profile includes: circular, rectangular, filter, TRIM – TRIO, MIL DTL 38999, Hermetics, Fiber Optics, Quadrax, Ethernet Network, Push-Pull, Quick connect disconnect, Harsh Environment Geophysical, Compact Circular connector, Space Grade, and R.F. Souriau is both ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 certified.

Souriau is most famous for their harsh environments interconnect products. One of their latest products, the JBX Push Pull Sealed IP68 is a prime example of their specialty. With over seven layouts, the JBX Push Pull Sealed IP68 is a waterproof sealed connector that can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. Having waterproof capabilities with just a push pull locking mechanism, the IP68 is flexible enough for field installs, custom cable solutions, and has a small footprint for tight applications. In addition, this connector is halogen free and RoHS compliant.

If you’re in the market for connectors and other connector-related components, Just Connectors (a proprietary website of ASAP Semiconductor) is a leading distributor of all things connectors. We stock a vast inventory of Souriau connector parts that are obsolete, rare, or current and are confident we can fulfill your procurement requirements. Please contact us today at if you have a demand for any of these connector parts or call us toll free at (714) 705 4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales person will assist you.

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