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Quality is their Commitment : BETA Electric Industry Co. Ltd. was founded in 1973 by Mr. Huang Shi-Hai in Taipei, Taiwan. By 1978, BETA Electric expanded their size and upgraded its system under the current president, Mr. Huang Shun-Gi. By 1992, they built a manufacturing facility in Guang Zhou, China. In 1996, BETA successfully obtained their ISO 9002 certificate which meant that they possess quality management and quality international standard in production and service. Customers were safe in their choice with BETA with this certificate since all BETA production processes are documented and performed in high quality manners.

In the following year, BETA obtained their QS 9000 and TUV certification which shows that their relays and components were approved by an independent approval agency and it also proves that they meet all necessary international safety standard requirements. The UL certificate that they received the same year is also significant because it shows that BETA constantly improves their products to meet the customer’s needs and that most of their relays are UL compliant. UL is a universal recognized symbol of safety to the industry, customers and the insurance companies.

BETA focuses solely on relay manufacturing. Relays are electromechanical switches which are used in several different applications and found in many devices. They also have many years of experience in international business which means they can handle large-scale cases. BETA’s goal is to provide the highest quality and service possible for a reasonable price.

Ingenious and High Performing Product Line at Reasonable Prices

BETA’s products include the following:

  • Special Relay
    • BT199
      • Features include panel mount open style construction, multi contact configurations up to 50 AMPS, magnetic blowout for DC switching, class B insulation system, screw wire connections, and auxiliary switch.
  • General Purpose Relay
    • BLY
      • Large capacity, L.E.D. status lamp, push button and E115915.
    • BMY
      • 3A/5A/10A of general purpose relay, DPDT and 4PDT contact arrangement, bifurcated contact, epoxy sealed relays and E101358.
    • BTA1
      • Octal style industrial control relay, 10A of general-purpose relay, SPDT, DPDT, 3PDT contact arrangement, available in AC or DC voltages with indicator lamp or/and manual push button, and UL E115915.
    • BTA12
      • Plug-in relay, quick connect receptacles or direct soldering, large capacity, optional blowout magnet, wide spacing, 2Millimeter contact gaps, improved dielectric strength between contacts and L.E.D. status lamp.
    • BTA2
      • Plug-in style relay, quick connect, 13A contact rating, SPDT, DPDT, and 3PDT contact arrangement, available in AC or DC voltages with lamp and/or push button, and UL E115915.
    • BTA3
      • Same as BTA2 except it has a large capacity of 25A contact rating.
    • BTA5
      • Plug-in style relay, quick connect receptacles, large capacity 30A contact rating, 1X, 1Y, and 1Z contact arrangement, available in AC or DC voltage with lamp and push button, and UL E115915.
  • General Purpose Special Item
    • BTA1B
      • Blowout magnet style relay, large capacity and DPDT/SPDT contact arrangement.
  • Mechanical Indicator Relay
    • BLY5
      • Large capacity 10A-15Aof general purpose relay, 4PDT, 3PDT, DPDT, and SPDT contact arrangement., L.E.D., flag indicator, rotary button, full feature, finger-grip cover, and ULE115915/TUV.
    • BMY5
      • Same as BLY5 except that it has 3A/5A/10A of general purpose relay, bifurcated contact, cover adapters and the BMY5-3C and BMY5-4C1 do not have TUV.
    • BTA6
      • Shows relay status in manual or powered condition, shows coil “on” or “off” status, the high coil insulation reach to 2500V, allows for manual operation of relay without the need for coil power, when activated it holds push button and contacts in the operate position, full feature, allows operator to remove relays from sockets more easily, used for identification of relays in multi-relay circuits, and UL E115915.
    • BTA7
      • Same as BTA6 except it doesn’t have high coil insulation reach to 2500V or the UL E115915.

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