When it comes to electrical equipment and circuits, one of the most important components is the circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is a switching device that disrupts an abnormal or faults current. It is a mechanical device that interrupts the flow of high magnitude current while also acting as a switch. A norsense electronic circuit breaker is primarily designed to close or open an electrical circuit connector, which in turn, protects the electrical system from damage.

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RS-485 cables are the standard in the connector cable industry, they are used for serial communications. These communications are possible because of two lines that are dedicated to a differential pair and one as a reference. It’s important to note when building with the standard, build the network with 32 slave devices connected to one master; this ratio ensures balance in the communication network. Also known as TIA/E1A-485(-A), this standard is suitable in noisy industrial environments where the application doesn’t require high transfer rates driving multiple devices.

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Headquartered in Georgetown, Texas, AirBorn, Inc. is a leading producer of electronic connectors for the military, aerospace, civil aviation, and medical markets. Certified to ISO 9001, AS9100, and ISO 13485 specifications, AirBorn got its start in 1960 by manufacturing interconnect products for important legacy companies like Motorola, Texas Instruments, Lockheed Aircraft, Boeing, and Burroughs.AirBorn’s array of cable and board-mount connectors includes the following series:

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