Founded in 1987, Mencom Corporation is an American electrical connector manufacturer. Specializing in industrial requirements, Mencom sells custom made and off the shelf products to consumers, businesses, and Original Equipment Manufacturers alike. The company is headquartered in Oakwood, Georgia and is the North American Master Distributor for ILME rectangular connectors.

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Avail any Makes and Models of Terminal Blocks and Barrier Strips from BlockMaster Electronics

BlockMaster Electronics was founded on 1994 and since then has focused primarily on terminal blocks and barrier strips. BlockMaster makes many types of terminal block which include Cage clamp style, wire guard terminal blocks, pluggable terminal blocks, screw less terminal blocks, barrier and panel style terminal blocks and others. Terminal blocks are used to connect chassis ground. Chassis ground is way that voltages can be measured and these terminals can often be found in record players and surge protectors. Their cage clamp style terminal blocks contain some features like double captive crews, a minimum of 5 microns of tin plating and of course every product is mechanically and electrically tested to determine that the product is 100% free of defects. BlockMaster Electronics also offer Engineer Design Kits. They are used for engineering testing. BlockMaster also offers their customers the option for custom made terminal blocks. They offer a short production time and can modify terminal blocks with customs materials and colors.

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The Many Acquisitions of Burndy:-

Burndy was founded on July 19, 1924 in Brooklyn, New York and was named after its founder, Bern Dibner. Bern was a science and civic leader who designed and patented neither a universal connector that didn't require soldering nor welding thereby enabling a unified grid. The company has gone through several acquisitions since its founding in July 19, 1924. The first acquisition it underwent was in 1988 when it was acquired by a French corporation Framatome Connectors International.

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