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Why E-T-A  is Known Worldwide Supplier: E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH is a German based company headquartered in Altdorf. E-T-A Circuit is a worldwide supplier of power management systems and circuit related devices and accessories. Their main product line is circuit breakers, equipment protection, and electrical over-current protection. E-T-A designs and develops their custom solutions for any electrical over-current protection needs. E-T-A was founded in 1948 by Jakob Ellenberger and Herald Poensgen and is still owned within their families. E-T-A currently employs over 1200 employees, covering over 60 countries worldwide. The company is currently led by the third generation of the founding families.

It wasn’t until 5 years after the company was founded that they launched their line of circuit breakers and related protection equipment. E-T-A currently have products in multiple lines such as, circuit breakers, power management systems, circuit protection devices, relays and solid state remote power controllers, powerplex digital switching systems, and electronic process sensors.

Their Power management systems division includes DIN rail mount systems, rack mount systems as well as custom management system designs.

E-T-A’s circuit protection devices include thermal over current circuit breakers, magnetic & hydraulic-magnetic over current circuit breakers, electronic over current protection, high performance circuit breakers, & thermal-magnetic over current circuit breakers. The relays & solid state remote power controllers are typically suited as a replacement for electro-mechanical switching and control components for reliable switching of solenoids in hydraulic, pneumatic equipment and rail vehicles. These are also used in cable protection in industrial plants and rolling mills.

These are also suited for connection to PLCs as switching amplifiers with failure indication and over current protection.  E-T-A PowerPlex Digital Switching System is an intelligent Bus system for the protection and control of electrical installations in ocean vessels. This system is a power distribution system that includes a touch screen display and programmable overload protection. As of 2008, E-T-A Circuit has transferred all production, sales and service of their flow meters and monitors over to Flow Vision GmbH.

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December 23, 2016

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