Hirose Releases DF58 Series Connector

Hirose has announced the release of the DF58 series for miniature applications. This wire-to board connectivity will deliver a space saving solution in a range that will consist of crimp sockets and headers lined up in a single row. The space on the board is shortened to 1.00 mm for the height and 4.97 mm for the depth.

This helps keep the DF58 compact and efficient. The small size of the connector does not compromise the power rating. It can still reach a high current rating of 3A, which will support power supply applications. This will occur while using the 2-contract version of 28AWG cable. The DF58 series has a high current secure connection with double locking mechanism, possible with ViSe, the vertical-insertion swing-extraction.

A secure lock is created when the socket is mated to the header in a vertical direction, and then guided to an angle to create the positive lock. This allows a force to prevent the cables from disconnecting and remain undisturbed. This works better than other comparable tools, which generate incomplete locking or floating when there is not enough friction and force that lock the cables properly.

The DF58 series comes with a highly efficient 2-point clipping contact, which is used for stabilizing and reducing any rise in temperature. Key features include contact positions, 2, 3, 4, 6, a contact pitch of 1.2 mm, a current rating of 3.0A (2 contact version 28AWG cable, voltage rating of AC/DC 100V, mating cycle of 10, and Cable size of AWG 28-30.

This solution will serve many different types of applications, including wearable devices, drones, medical equipment, digital cameras, and other types of portable applications.


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