Belden's New Compact Design for Power Transmission in Harsh Environments

A new design for power transmission has been introduced by Belden. This new design plays an important role and it is considered an economical solution. It is environmentally friendly and it is especially made for harsh environments and is meant to satisfy people all over the world.

This new power transmission is internationally standardized and it is one of the best yet. Many people are excited to be using this because it is more reliable. This design came along because many people complained about the material of it before. The decision that was behind the improvement of this was mainly because companies wanted compact designs with high carrying capacity.

According to the PROFINET which “is the standard for industrial networking in automation. It connects devices, systems, and cells, facilitating faster, safer, less costly and higher quality manufacturing. It easily integrates existing systems and equipment while bringing the richness of Ethernet down to the factory floor” per their guidelines they specified that two around connectors with screw connections has to be specific. Now instead of this guideline PROFINET is getting ready to change that guideline to replace its past variants by L-coded M12 power connectors. They are expecting to publish new updated guideline in 2017.

These new connectors are very reliable and efficient. It Is made to be able to satisfy many people especially in the industrial electrical connectors. This can also be important for the aircraft wire connectors. it comes in two different shapes straight and angled version. It can also be molded for customer assembly or as installation variant. The temperature of operation can range from -40 to 125 C. Many companies are excited to start purchasing this new piece. Many are always looking for ways to improve and this piece is going to provide that for them.

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