The Process of Replacing Lamp Sockets

While electrical lighting has radically changed how we can take advantage of low light hours, it is a technology that has become taken for granted in recent decades. Although lighting is extremely reliable, it can be an issue when a fixture decides to fail. A spent light bulb may be a simple replacement that only takes a matter of moments; however,a failed lamp socket is another story. As replacing a lamp socket is not particularly dangerous nor complex, it can be useful to have an understanding of how the process is carried out, as well as what tools may be needed to get the job done.

A majority of lamp sockets in North America utilize the Edison Screw (ES), and these sockets exhibit a threaded metal base that is able to screw into the socket of a lamp. When all parts are connected and healthy during operation, the light bulb will be energized with alternating current while the socket’s threading is attached to the neutral phase and the contact is connected to the hot phase. If there is an issue with socket loosening or disconnection, the lamp may flicker or have trouble illuminating. When this happens, the socket will need to be replaced.

The first step of replacement is to procure a socket that both matches the style of your lamp and the wattage utilized by the fixture. While the former characteristic assists in attachment, the wattage is crucial for actual operations. As for tools, the most common things you may need include screwdrivers, wire strippers, pliers, equipment, and a ladder if the fixture is situated in an unreachable area above. Aside from any personal safety concerns that one may have in carrying out the process, replacement of a socket does not require a qualified electrician to carry out the process.

Once all tools and the replacement socket is ready to go, begin by unplugging the lamp so that there is no electricity that can flow through the circuit. Then, all elements such as the lampshade, light bulb, and harp should be removed and set aside for easier access to the socket. For safety, a voltage tester is recommended to be used for verifying that there is indeed no power in the system. Upon confirming safety, you may remove any rings or screws that keep the assembly secure and together. The lamp socket will most likely have screws holding it into a mounting bracket, and these can simply be removed alongside the socket itself with a screwdriver and hand.

With the old socket removed, you can install the replacement with the fasteners you previously took off. Make sure that all wires are connected correctly and are fed into the lamp so that they remain safe. From here, you can carry out the uninstallation process backward, ensuring that all fasteners are tightened, wires are not protruding, etc. If the socket happens to be of a different wattage than the previous one, be sure to utilize the correct type of light bulb during reassembly. After all installation is done, you can test the lamp to verify its ability to illuminate reliably.

As you can see, the replacement of a lamp socket is quite easy, and all you need are the right tools and replacement components. Here on Just Connectors, we have all of the hardware and components you require to carry out any of the replacements or repairs necessary to keep your operations and procedures running smoothly. Take the time to explore our website as you see fit, and our team of industry experts are always at the ready to assist you however you need so that all your requirements are fulfilled. If you have any questions, give us a call or email today, and we would be happy to walk you through the purchasing process as your strategic sourcing partner for all your needs!


February 10, 2022

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