Aero Engines are Improving Thanks to Astute Electronics

Aero engines are a competitive field to be in. all the parts must be very precise and reliable. Therefore, Astute Electronics are always on top of it when it comes producing and manufacturing parts for the aero engines. They recently introduced the Amphenol Titanium HTC connectors.

They always work on bettering their products and are always testing different ways to find the best product. They “provide one of the harsh environment for connectors and interconnection systems. For their recent production, they used stainless steel as their standard this is mainly because it provides great strength. Its temperature is stable. Some of the disadvantages though is steel tends to be heavy, especially it’s a lot heavier than aluminum.

This can be a bid deal and can cause dissatisfaction because in some factors it is better for products to be lighter and that is an issue when some of the products are made of Steele.  As a solution, they came up with the idea to use Titanium, which is 30 lighter than Steel and this adds a huge advantage to them because this lessens they weight of the parts or machines which can eventually save them money. Due to the great quality Amphenol, has decided to bring this in full production, it is even available in shell sizes which made them seem like they are in full production. Which made them the top choice for aerospace engine programs.

They are not stopping, they keep improving day by day, they recently have reduced their machines running time and have expanded their places nationally such as India and the UK. Gary Evans, E-mech Divisional manager at Astute Electronics said” “This capability also allows us to offer other connector series such as MIL-DTL-38999 in Titanium and, in conjunction with Amphenol’s new hermetic facility at Martec, we also supply Titanium connectors with hermetic sealing”. And ever since Astute Electronics, which are the leading supplier of electronic components added the Amphenol made it to their first showing at the Farnborough Air Show.

Just connectors are owned and operated by ASAP semiconductor. It is made to make it more simple on customers to be able to choose the most reliable and convenient components in electrical mechanisms, which will help them establish high customer satisfaction.


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