Weald Connectors Came Up With a MIL-DTL-26482 Connector With a Black Zinc Nickel Finish.

Weald electronics are UK manufacturer company. It manufactures electronic and electrical connectors for the military. It specializes in high quality military connectors. Recently lane electronics which are the main distributors for Weald electronics are have announces the LMH series off the circular power connectors. This new connector meets the requirement of MIL-DTL-26482 series 1 and Patt 105. What is the most important new coming for this connector is that they can have it in black zinc finish? The HMK series connectors are very important. They are usable for a variety of fields. They are very convenient for people are necessary for use. They can be used in the automation industry, medical industry where it can be used for the different medical system they are developing or have already developed. It also can be used for the industrial machinery. Which can save a lot of money and save a lot of time for people. What makes it even more convenient is that it come in in many different shell sizes. It also comes in variety of styles and in many contact arrangements.

The working voltages can be as high as 1500-DC or AC which is a high amount. Since they are very popular and there is a high demand for them, lane electronics keep high stock of the LMH connectors. They offer immediate delivery for purchasers. They also offer a comprehensive inventory of shell styles. Other than that, they also have different shell styles and different contacts and accessories for assembly for example they have sealing glands and protective caps for them. All their types and versions can be coated with Black zinc nickel, which is what Is making them a very convenient company. it has made them very reliable where companies and industries worldwide are using their pieces.

Just connectors is owned and operate by ASAP semiconductor. It is a comprehensive purchasing resource for electrical connector parts. It is mainly dedicated for complete one of the most integral and essential components used in the electrical mechanism, and connectors.


June 27, 2018
December 23, 2016

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