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About Agere Systems and its Merging: Agere Systems was founded in 2002 and the company originated by spinning out of Lucent Technologies. Agere Systems was an integrated circuit component company. Lucent Technologies, is a service provider of communication solutions to multiple businesses. They also carry various enterprise products such as routers and switches to enable your network with fast, uninterrupted network communications.

Lucent Technologies is still in business today and has no association with Agere Systems. The reason why Agere split form Lucent Technologies was because it would multiply its trading price by 10 to 40 by reducing the number of shares outstanding the same factor. The reason for the split was to increase the prices of the shares.

Agere Systems was merged with another company, once again in 2007. The company it merged with was LSI Corporation. The reason both companies merged was because it would save the companies money and it would extend the franchises in their markets. The agreement of the merger was a 4 billion agreement between the companies. Each company was strong in different product segments.

LSI was more focused on consumer electronics while Agere was more focused on cellular and wired networking. The merging of the companies would also slash costs by approximately $125 million every year beginning in 2008. The merging of the company benefited not only both of the companies customers, but also their employees and shareholders. The agreement was Agere shareholders would receive 2.6 shares of LSI for each share of Agere they own. Today, LSI Corporation is listed on the NASDAQ and offers various solutions and products for data-centers, mobile networks and client computing.

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