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About the Company and Its Core Competency:

AMS, Austria Microsystems, was founded in 1981. The company is headquartered in Graz, Austria and is a designer and manufacturer of semiconductor products that require extreme precision, accuracy, dynamic range, sensitivity, and ultra-low power consumption. AMS currently employs around 1,300 people worldwide in 20 countries. The company focuses on offering solutions for consumer, industrial, healthcare and automotive applications. The company also develops solutions for the most challenging applications such as sensors, sensor interfaces, power management and wireless.

Know About the Vast and Ingenious Product Line:

The product line that AMS offers includes the following:

  • Audio
  • Light Sensors
  • Lighting Management
  • Lightning Senor
  • Position Sensors
  • Power Management
  • RF Transmitters & Receivers
  • Sensor Driven Lightning
  • Sensor Interfaces
  • ASICs

AMS Advantages:

In 2011, AMS acquired Taos for approximately $320 million dollars. The year before the company was acquired, in 2010, Taos had phenomenal sales of 81 million dollars which was the doubling revenue of what they had in 2009. AMS believed it was a proper decision to acquire Taos to offer more solutions and products for mobile devices and have a growth in the consumer and communications business. Taos was a provider of advanced sensor technologies for the attractive Smartphone and tablet PC markets. AMS has partnered up with various companies to get the best manufacture capabilities. Some companies that AMS has partnered with include the following TSMC, IBM, UMC, FCI, Amkor, ASE, Carsem, and Hana. AMS has partnered with OKINS to test its products. OKINS is a leading supplier in providing products that support device contacts in the memory and logic products. Both companies work hand in hand with each other to deliver the best products for their customers.

Procure AMS Products from the Industry-Known Distributors:

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website, offers all types of Austria Microsystems connector parts. Please contact us today at if you have a demand for any of these connector parts or call us toll free at (714) 705 4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales person will assist you.


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