All About the USB Type C

Connect and Cable Assembly Supplier released an article March 30th, 2016 talking about what we need to know about the USB Type C. It was Lynnette Reese from Mouser Electronics that has given us this information.

A new type of technology has been released to the public that will declutter so many of the cords that lay around so haphazardly and disordered. This new type of technology is called the USB Type C. The USB Type C will be able to transfer up to 10 gigabits per second with a power that contains roughly about 100W.

The USB Type C connector will be so small that it can fit into smartphones yet powerful enough to handle something as powerful as a laptop. Not only this, but the USB Type C connector can also connect to many items.

There many items consist of things such as the HDMI TV, Display Port Monitor, VGA Monitor, charging and transferring data in things such as tablets, phablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices, headsets, DVD players in cars, speakers, docking stations, and data items such as flash drives and solid state drives.

The USB Type C allows for power to flow in either direction if it is a USB Type C to USB Type C connection. This also works in any plug rotation or placement.

Here’s what Raymond Yin has to say about Mouser Electronics.

“Engineers designing USB into products should be careful to clearly advertise the maximum speed to expect from their device and to include a clearly marked USB cable with their product. The Type-C connector shape alone does not indicate what the cable can channel in terms of speed or power, so consumers will need to be educated with information on buying replacement cables that work with faster USB 3.1 or powered USB-PD-compliant products.”
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