Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On Helps Reduce Noise Levels During Aircraft Wheel Deflation

Kestrel Engineering Ltd recently released a new device, known as the Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On, which can be very useful in reducing noise levels when deflating aircraft wheels. The device is meant to reduce noise levels by more than 20 A-Weighted decibels and this is a huge reduction in noise levels considering the noise emitted during wheel deflation. For example, the wheel of a Boeing 747 which has been inflated to 195 psi is deflated by removing the valve core. This can result ear shattering noise levels of up to 117 A-Weighted decibels. This levels are very unsafe and very high according to current international safety standards.

Kestrel Engineering Ltd Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On reduces this sound levels drastically and is used to remove the valve core. When used in this method the nitrogen escaping from the wheels passes through an integral silencer which reduces the maximum noise level to only about 94 A-Weighted decibels. The reduction in noise levels continues as the wheel is deflated and within a minute of using the Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On the noise level is reduced to about 86 A-Weighted decibels. In about 3.5 minutes the noise levels are further reduced to about 74 A-Weighted decibels and after 4 minutes the wheel should be fully deflated.

The Saf-Deflat-Aer Screw-On is pretty easy to use and is made up off a connector which is screwed firmly onto the external threads of the Schrader wheel valve. Once fully assembled a knob is then used to locate the end of the integral spindle on the valve core and when rotated it raises the core off its seat, resulting in the compressed nitrogen being released through the integral silencer.

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