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HARTING technology is coming to the front to showcase their new high tech connectors and cables. Their presence is going to be in Berlin, Germany at the InnoTrans where they will show their new products that will be used in rail transport in the future. HARTING connectors are pleased to introduce their new M12 with Magnetics and M12 PushPull connectors. The M12 Magnetics connector is going to be the first of its kind in the world, because so far all the M12 PCB connection and the transformer have been held separately, but now the M12 Magnetics connector combines both into one unit. The new unit carries the same size as the older units, this could have been a big concern otherwise because device manufacturers would have to plan for additional transformers on the circuit board, but having a unit the same size can save these companies all the trouble.

IGBT semiconductors affect some of the motion control functions in large electric motors such as the ones found in trains, ships or E-buses. Due to the high voltage requirement to move these big electric motors they use plastic optic fibers that can withstand high voltages. These plastic optic fibers are connected to the IGBT for transmitting signals.

"HARTING is presenting a new system of optical transmission that utilizes optical fibers for transmitting signals and is contained in an electrical plug to make it easier to connect and withstand rigid vibrations"

The third product HARTING presents is the Han HPR 34 high-current connector for motor connections; this addition allows various types of modules to connect many types of power, data and signal transmissions.

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