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How AVX Corporation Developed as Best Electronic Components Manufacturer: AVX Corporation, a 71% owned subsidiary of Kyocera Electronics Corporation, is an electronic components manufacturer located in Greenville, South Carolina. AVX has 9,900 employees and conducts business in the United States, Europe, and Asia, with 2012 sales at $1.55 billion. Asia accounts for 45% of AVX sales, with its major customers being Motorola, Nokia, and Robert Bosch GmbH. The company has three business units: passive components, KED Resale, and Connectors. Passive Components includes electrical components for automotive braking, cell phones, copiers, hearing aids, and locomotives. KED Resale sells Kyocera products including ceramic and tantalum capacitors. Connectors have applications in the automotive and medical industries.

Some of their newest notable products are the 2-piece vertical plug connector and their two next-generation wire-to-board capped insulation displacement connector series. The low pin count, vertical 2-piece connector has commercial and industrial applications and provides the highest temperature range available. The 9159 Series of robust 2-piece board-to-board (BTB) connectors were developed for harsh environments of linear solid state lighting with coplanar PCB mating. They have been tested at 125 degrees Celsius, as opposed to 105 degrees Celsius for competing products. They also provide a 5A rating and feature a gold-plated BeCu contact system that delivers higher signal and mating integrity than tin contact systems. It is well-suited for portable applications, including handheld terminals, scanner, instrumentation meters, patient monitoring devices and industrial electronic modules / controls.

AVX has also significantly redesigned its well-known surface mount, wire-to-board 9175 and 9176 insulation displacement connector (IDC) series to simplify and reduce cost of wire termination processes involved in connecting wire components and bringing power and signals onto PCB. It features a simple one-piece design that enables users to insert discrete wires into the cap without stripping them first and to simply press the cap down to provide secure gas-tight termination. This series is designed for a broad range of solid-state lighting, smart grid, commercial building, point-of-sale, medical, automotive, transportation, and industrial machine control applications.

AVX’s new 9175 and 9176 IDC Series feature a plastic cap that retains the contact in position prior to automatic placement and then acts as the assembly tool to terminate the wires, negating the need for special tooling, soldering, or crimping. At the same time, they still boast the usual small size and full backward compatibility and functionality.


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