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History About Hirose Electric Group: Hirose Electric Group, a Japanese company founded in 1937, specializes in the manufacturing of connectors. They became an international company in 1968 and have annual revenue of $900 million, with a gross profit of $300 million. As of 2006, they have 3,975 employees. Hirose manufactures a large array of specialty connectors: circular, rectangular, coaxial, modular, board-to-board, board-to-wire, FPC/FFC, card edge, optical connectors and devices, microwave components, and memory cards and IC sockets. Their interconnects have board-to-wire, board-to-board, flexible circuits, and medical electronics applications.

Some notable Hirose Electric products include their DM3 Series, DF40 Series, and FH35 Series. The DM3 Series is one of Hirose’s newest lines of MicroSD card connectors. It is a board mounting connector type with gold plating and 8 different positions. It has a terminal pitch of 11, a current rating (in amps) of 0.5, and 10000 mating cycles. Its applications are in PDA, camera-equipped flip phones, digital cameras, and mobile phones. The DF40 Series are 0.4mm contact pitch board-to-board and board-to-FPC connectors. These are also board mounting type connectors with gold plating. They come in female and male connectors with a terminal pitch of 0.4mm and a current rating of 0.3 amps. They have 1.5mm stacking height, 0.4mm contact spacing, and come in anywhere between 10 and 100 positions. Their applications are in PDAs, notebook PCs, mobile phones, DVD recorders, camera-equipped flip phones, digital cameras, and digital video cameras. The FH35 Series are PCB-FPC/FFC connectors. They are 0.3mm contact spacing, 0.9mm height, and have a double-sided lead terminal and top contact. The terminal pitch is 0.6mm, current rating is 0.2 amps, and FPC thickness is 0.2mm.

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