How Does Fiber Optics Work ?

Fiber optics are long, glass strands that transmit light signals over long distances. The Fiber threads are as thin as a human hair and to make optical cables. The thin glass threads are bundled together so that they all work together to transfer light signals at a faster rate that has never been seen before. The Fiber Optics Cable has three parts. The first is the Core, the core is the bundled-up glass threads that carry the signal. The second, the Cladding, is a material that reflects the light signal back to the core to maintain maximum signal strength. The third and final component of a Fiber Optic Cable is the “Buffer Coating”. The Buffer Coating is a coating made of plastic that protects the rest of the components from damage or moisture.

The Fiber Optics works by utilizing 3 steps. A transmitter, optical regenerator and the optical receiver. The transmitter is very important because it makes it possible for the light signal to travel through the Fiber Cable. The transmitter focuses light into the glass threads in the cable to start the light transmitting process. The data is sent to the transmitter to focus the data trying to be transferred in the form of light and the transmitter focuses that light containing the data into the glass threads where it begins its transfer. Next the optical regenerator receives the data signal and boosts it so that the light signal makes it to its destination at full strength. Lastly, the optical receiver, which decodes the message and sends the light signal to whatever electronic device you are using so that the device can understand the data.


February 10, 2022

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