Importance of RS-485 Cables in Communication Systems

RS-485 cables are the standard in the connector cable industry, they are used for serial communications. These communications are possible because of two lines that are dedicated to a differential pair and one as a reference. It’s important to note when building with the standard, build the network with 32 slave devices connected to one master; this ratio ensures balance in the communication network. Also known as TIA/E1A-485(-A), this standard is suitable in noisy industrial environments where the application doesn’t require high transfer rates driving multiple devices.

RS-485 cables configurations can support multiple protocols. Sometimes they might not be working at the same time, but they are consistently using the same protocol for the device's network. When considering the selection of an RS-485 transceiver, make sure you know how many devices you need so that you can determine if you will need one master or need additional masters.

This will help with any network lag that may exist. A second major consideration is whether you need full or half “duplex”. The difference between the two is that the full duplex can both send and receive information, while the half-duplex is only able to send or receive— it does not have the ability to do both. Additionally, the distance of the master greatly affects the speeds of the network.

RS-485 cables can handle up to 100 Mbps. This allows the RS-485 to be most suitable in actuators, card readers, building automation controls, video surveillance, security control panels, and even for Digital Power Control (DPC). RS-485 cables are highly reliable due to integrated pre-emphasis circuitry, which extends through the entire length of the cable, helping with long distance integrity.

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February 10, 2022

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