Eliminate Terminal Blackout with New Molex Compact Nano-Fit Power Connectors

The new compact Nano-Fit Power Connectors by Molex offer fully isolated headers in a 2.50 mm Pitch. Molex claims they are the smallest fully isolated terminal power connectors on the market—up to 69% smaller than competitive products. Fully protect your terminal headers and gain terminal position assurance with the new Molex connectors.

Those in power application often come to the dilemma of deciding between exposed power terminals that risk damage to connectors or large, isolated headers that take up valuable space. Molex compact Nano-fit power connectors offer space saving and isolation in a single product design. It’s always important to consider the trade-off between isolated headers and shrouded pin field contacts when designing circuit boards.  Shrouded pin fields can save space but have the tendency of shorting and will need replacement over time. Isolated headers give the user security with increased protection as well as 4 points of contact. This redundancy gives secondary current paths that guarantee long term reliability and performance. The Molex Nano fit power connector compact headers will save space while also shielding any exposed terminals, giving engineers confidence in the design of their compact printed circuit boards.

The low mate force headers reduce user fatigue and an audible click give ensures terminal contact. Multiple color options give easy visual ques to users and a variety of mechanical keying options can prevent assemblers from cross mating headers. Take advantage of visual ques to save yourself time and money. There is no need to deal with the headache of counting terminal pins to make sure you are using the correct shroud. The optional terminal position assurance (TPA) feature ensures terminals are fully seated in their housing to effectively eliminate terminal blackout. These power connectors are available in through hole and surface mounted termination styles. Terminals are RoHS compliant and halogen free.

Just-Connectors is completely dedicated to integral and essential components used in electrical mechanisms. With over 5.5 million parts available, Just-Connectors can be your one stop shop for all electrical needs. Email sales@just-connectors.com for pricing and availability on your required part.


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