Molex’s Brad HarshIO Ethernet Modules

Molex, the American manufacturer of electrical, electronic, and fiber optic interconnection systems for a variety of industries, has recently introduced their Brad HarshIO Ethernet modules in order to offer a dependable solution for connecting industrial safety controllers to actuators and sensors in harsh duty environments. Molex Incorporated provides offerings for more than 100,000 products in the defense industry, aerospace industry, automotive industry, industrial automation industry, medical industry, as well as many more other industries.

"Integrated Brad solutions deliver the advanced features and secure connections customers need for optimal machine performance and industrial automation,"
said the global product manager of Molex, George Kairys.
"Easily configurable, small form-factor HarshIO IP67 Compact Ethernet Modules ease the transition for machine builders from traditional PROFIBUS to a PROFINET industrial Ethernet fieldbus."

The Brad HarshIO Ethernet modules are able to be mounted onto machines in an IP67 rated housing. These modules were designed for industrial applications where dust, vibration, or liquids may be present. The Brad HarshIO Ethernet modules have been tested to withstand high vibration, shock, as well as him temperatures.

Brad HarshIO IP67 Ethernet Modules are a reliable, machine-mountable solution for connecting industrial controllers to I/O devices in harsh-duty environments. Narrow 30mm housings are well suited to compact machines where space is limited. The eight I/O ports can be individually configured as inputs or outputs, with M8 connectors that are ideal for attaching sensing devices or actuators,
read a press release from Molex.
This enables machine designers and installers to connect a single digital signal per port and maintain a high density of I/O points using the minimum amount of space while eliminating wiring errors and providing faster installation times.
"HarshIO compact Ethernet modules offer a smooth and easy transition to PROFINET connectivity for machine builders currently using PROFIBUS or DeviceNet compact modules. The advanced design features of the modules maximize your connectivity and cost-effectiveness,"
added Kairys.

Molex has a presence in over 40 countries and offers a complete suite of services and solutions for several markets.


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