RG6 Cables - Uses, Benefits and Key Features

RG6 cables, or radio guide cables, are a type of coaxial cable that are typically used for home and commercial purposes. These cables transmit audio and visual signals to devices like your television set via satellite dishes, cable television and aerial antennas.

These RG6 cables were first created for usage by the military as radio transmission equipment; however, according to a tech website called Tech-FAQ, it is reported they no longer serve such a function.  Once TV broadcasts and cable companies changed from analog to digital, there was a great need for a cable that would support satellite and internet signals, which ran at higher frequencies.

One of the reasons why RG6 cables are so popular, is because they oftentimes can completely replace RG-59 cables, which are essentially just older versions of coaxial video/audio cables.  These newer RG6 cables are more reliable due to their durability against interference and environmental wear and tear.  This feature allows the cables to be run underground and up building sides, making for an easier installation that doesn’t compromise quality.

Key features that make up the RG6 cable include:
  • Polyethylene cover – acts as a jacket, making the cable resistant to the elements
  • Shield layer– protects against any radio frequency interference
  • Locking nuts– go on the end of each cable to secure onto a jack, preventing accidental disconnection.
Some things to keep in mind when installing a RG6 cable:
  • The shorter the cable, the better.  A longer cable puts you at more of a risk of signal loss; even though the RG6 cable is more reliable and durable, it cannot completely protect against signal loss.
  • You may need to use a Crimp Terminal, or Crimper, to secure the connection.  Crimping the cable acts almost as a vacuum seal, which allows for an even better connection.?
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February 10, 2022

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