What are Fuse Holders and How Do They Work?

Fuses are common circuit protection devices that are sacrificial, designed in such a way that they break down during overload conditions to impede the flow of unsafe current. While fuses are typically placed directly into a circuit, some may exhibit shapes and sizes that make them incapable of such connections. In order to make these fuses more compatible, an accessory known as a fuse holder may be used.

When implemented within a circuit, the fuse holder ensures that incoming power can be correctly directed through the fuse with high efficiency. To do this, the fuse holder relies on various components that ensure proper functionality. With the use of fuse clip terminals, current can be routed from the circuit and into the accessory, and another set of terminals ensures that current returns to the circuit after passing through the fuse device. Contacts, meanwhile, are the components that permit the flow of current in and out of the fuse itself. Typically, these contacts may come in the form of an eyelet or clip depending upon the assembly and its needs. Beyond such items, various additional components may be present as well.

Inline fuse holders in particular are a one of the common holder types, coming in the form of wire-in, wire-out/line and load holders. This means that they are self-enclosed wire harnesses, capable of optimally serving a diverse set of requirements. Due to the design of such accessories, they accept fuses that are easy to replace and those that are fairly complex based on their intended use. Panel mount fuse holders are also generally wire-in, wire-out/line and load types, mounted on the backplane of an enclosure or through it. When such panel mount fuse holders are correctly installed, they can amply protect individuals from the hazards associated with electrical power.

Fuse clips are another type that are specifically designed for printed circuit board (PCB) fuse mounting. Fuse clips are one of the cheapest and easiest to use fuse holder accessories, albeit lacking more features in general than other variations. While capable of performing well in various environments and applications, fuse clips generally require isolation and insulation from their environment to perform optimally. Printed circuit board (PCB) fuse holders are a similar type, featuring a fixed footprint and external contact isolation. With their installation, fuse replacement can be done very easily.

With there being a number of common fuse holders that one may use, the choice will typically depend upon a few factors. Prior to making a purchasing decision, one should consider their application and purchased fuse to ensure that the holder meets required current and voltage ratings, desired circuit integration, 3rd party certifications, and environmental protection. Generally, fuse holders require derating, UL ratings commonly sitting around 80 percent without accounting for environmental or operating conditions. Additionally, fuse holders may follow various standards, UL 4248 and IEC 60127-5 being the most commonly used standards for governance.

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February 10, 2022

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