Yazaki : Wiring Harness Recycling

As technology advances, the demand for raw materials to support new electronic products slowly increases as well. This has caused the world’s supply of raw materials to slowly deplete with the possibility of them becoming completely exhausted. One major raw material that is used especially in electronics and connectors is copper. Sources have suggested that the world’s mineable copper supply could potentially become exhausted in 40 years. This has alerted companies such as Yazaki to take action in the attempt to sustain supply. Yazaki, a global automotive parts supplier, has teamed up with companies such as Toyota to develop the world’s first copper recycling system. Together, the companies have developed a new sorting method which safeguards the metal from contamination by minute impurities during the dismantling process. The new technology has been able to produce recycled metal that have 99.96 per cent purity which is a level stable enough to be considered production quality. It is estimated that annually, the new process can produce about 1,000 tons of copper.

Yazaki is an automotive parts supplier with a primary focus on wire harnesses along with products such as connectors and terminals. The company’s product line includes gas equipment, electrical cables, meter and auto instruments, and solar-powered systems. Yazaki’s products are generally sold to automobile makers, gas companies, electric power companies, and general construction companies. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the company employs over 192,000 people worldwide and over 90 global production facilities. Just Connectors is a one-stop shop for all your procurement needs. As a division of ASAP Semiconductor, Just Connectors is a leading distributor for parts in the aerospace, industrial, and electronics industries. If you are interested in connector parts, including those of Yazaki electric cables and connector parts, please browse our extensive inventory of connector parts by visiting www.just-connectors.com or contact our sales staff at sales@just-connectors.com for more information or to place a request for a quote.


February 10, 2022

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