Solid State Relays – A Ruggedly Built Electronic Switching Device

Know More About Solid State Relays: Solid state relays are electronic switching devices that consist of a sensor that responds to a certain amount of input or signal. It also switches power to load circuitry, and has a coupling mechanism that allows the control signal to active the switch without the use of mechanical parts. The signal controls large loads of current and voltage. The load is designed with either AC or DC, and it serves essentially the same purpose as electromechanical relays do, except that there are no moving parts involve.

Solid state relays are based on silicon controlled rectifiers, or MOSFETs, either a single MOSFET or multiple MOSFETS in parallel. There are several major advantages of solid state relays as compared to electromechanical relays. Firstly, solid state relays are faster than mechanical relays and they have lower minimum output current required. Furthermore, they boast increased lifetime and output resistance, decreased electrical noise, no sparking, and are also smaller and less sensitive to storage and operating environment factors that can include vibration, humidity, and external magnetic fields.

There are also disadvantages to be considered, however. They exhibit higher resistance and more electrical noise when closed, as well as reverse leakage current when open. In addition, some types have polarity-sensitive output circuits and there is also a higher transient reverse recovery time.

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February 10, 2022

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